Robert Whitbeck 

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 This release contains songs from previous recording projects (early 1990s solo and Whitbeck & Co. material) along with two songs recorded in 2001. Several songs from this collection have received airplay, "This Dream" and "Far From Today" on several midwestern college radio stations and Goodbye Diana on 106.9 "The City" in Omaha NE. The influences of U2, Tom Petty, and other such artists can be heard throughout this collection. Includes Rhythm of Life, Down the Line, Seeing You Again, Far From Today, Where Will This Lead, Closets to Clean, Goodbye Diana, What Do You Believe, This Dream    




 Centered in the lyrical exploration of the grace of God, "Come to Freedom" is a concept album with each song coming at the main theme from a slightly different angle. With a combined humorous and serious approach, the album explores this important truth and reasons why it is lacking in many churches. Literary influences that impacted the lyrics of this recording include Malcolm Smith (Spiritual Burnout) and Philip Yancey (What's So Amazing About Grace?) Songs: No More Wrath, You Are Special, Joe, The Friendship Song, Ruth's Song, YourUndying Love, He Is (What He Tells Us To Be), Tender and Tough, A Woman and Jesus, Freedom Prelude, Come to Freedom































































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